Launch of the Pupin Initiative: Strengthening Bonds and Building Shared Futures between the US and Serbia

On October 9th, the birthday of Mihajlo Pupin, the Pupin Initiative was presented to the public in Belgrade. It is the first privately funded non-profit organization in Serbia, with offices in Belgrade and Washington, which will comprehensively address Serbian-American relations by creating policy proposals, solutions, and strategies. The reception was attended by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and the US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill. We gathered over 200 guests from the world of business, culture, media, and diplomacy with the desire to create a community of people who want better Serbian-American relations and a better position for Serbia in America.

Vuk Velebit, Executive Director of the Pupin Initiative

The executive director of the Pupin Initiative, Vuk Velebit, emphasized that the initiative's goal is to better connect Serbia and the USA, focusing on representing Serbian interests as a form of new Serbian patriotism. "In the history of our relations, we've had ups and downs, but we are focused on the future and building a partnership with the USA," Velebit said, adding that the generation he represents wants a new narrative in the relations between the two countries.

Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia said that the Pupin Initiative is important for Serbia, the partnership, and the cooperation of the two countries. It's like a link that should lead us to a much stronger, technologically advanced, and resilient Serbia. Ana Brnabić stressed that the Pupin Initiative comes as a breath of fresh air, especially in these complex times, not just in Europe but globally.

Christopher Hill, US Ambassador to Serbia

"I felt discouraged, but when you from the Pupin Initiative appeared, I can say count on all my help and support in every way," said the US Ambassador Christopher Hill. "I want all of Serbia and the entire Serbian-American community to hear about you, for everyone to know what we can do together for a better future of our two countries," Hill emphasized. "The USA wants Serbia as an ally, but that doesn't mean you can't have friends on the other side of the world. However, if we work together, we can solve regional problems," Ambassador Hill conveyed. "Europe and the European Union, with Serbia as a member, will be stronger, and our transatlantic partnership will be more robust," the American ambassador pointed out.

Coming in 2024

Pupin Forum

Biannual event, occurring in Belgrade in the spring and DC in the fall, that brings together policy makers, business people, and other partners for a series of fireside talks, panels, and a chance to build networks.

Monthly Gatherings

We host informal monthly gatherings that serve as a vibrant setting for our members to discuss the latest news, uncover pressing issues, and deliberate potential solutions together.

Weekly Briefing

A weekly newsletter that analyzes the main event of the week in Serbia, puts it into perspective within the US-Serbian context, as well as shares links to other news, upcoming events of interest, and more.

Flagship Annual Report

An annual document that goes into depth on the US-Serbian relationship, everything from how trade is evolving, how the US is perceived in Serbia and vice versa, as well as areas for improvement and further collaboration.

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