Meeting of the Pupin Initiative with the US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, and the Serbian Ambassador to the US, Marko Đurić.

After the successful launch of the Pupin Initiative, at the invitation of American Ambassador Christopher Hill, we discussed further activities and plans of our organization. We discussed the role that the Pupin Initiative already plays when it comes to strengthening Serbian-American relations. Our organization will strive to be a mediator between Serbian and American decision makers with the aim of converging positions and overcoming challenges in cooperation.

On behalf of the Pupin Initiative, our executive team members (Vuk Velebit, Vladimir Milošević, Aleksandar Đaković) along with several members of the advisory board (Dragan Tomić, Nataša Filipović, Luka Čubrilo) attended the meeting with the American ambassador and his team.

The executive team of the Pupin Initiative is currently visiting the United States of America, where we will have numerous meetings with representatives of the US administration, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, as well as with other individuals and organizations dealing with the Balkans.

Our goal in the coming period is to build relationships with all decision makers in Washington, D.C. and to work on providing an understanding of the local and regional context to everyone who is interested in the Western Balkans region.

Following our meeting with the American ambassador in Belgrade to gain a deeper understanding of the American perspective in Serbia, we departed for Washington, D.C. where we had the privilege of meeting with Marko Đurić, the Serbian Ambassador to the US. During this meeting, Ambassador Đurić graciously acquainted us with the embassy's ongoing initiatives. This provided us with a valuable opportunity, as representatives of the Pupin Initiative, to introduce our organization and outline our forthcoming endeavors in Washington and across the United States, both in the immediate future and beyond. Ambassador Đurić wholeheartedly expressed his support for the Pupin Initiative's efforts in the United States, recognizing it as the first privately funded, non-partisan Serbian organization dedicated to shaping policies and strategies aimed at strengthening the ties between Serbia and the United States.

For us, our stay in the US will be an opportunity to continue building a network and community of individuals and companies who want to see stronger cooperation between Serbia and the US.

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