Reception at the Serbian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Last night at the Embassy of Serbia in Washington, we hosted a reception for our community dedicated to enhancing relations between Serbia and the US.

This event provided an opportunity to introduce the Pupin initiative, serving as a platform for our fellow Americans interested in stronger connections. We believe it's crucial for the voice of our community in the US to be acknowledged. We are pleased that a discerning community, recognizing the significance of the Pupin initiative, gathered last night.

We extend our gratitude to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia for actively working to enhance operational capacities in the US. The embassy's recognition and support of the Pupin initiative are appreciated, and we anticipate further collaboration in proposing policies and strategies to strengthen relations between Serbia and the US.

Serbs are warmly welcomed in Washington, and we aspire for our voice to resonate even more strongly.

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