Visit to Idvor with the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill

Mihajlo Pupin’s People’s House stands as a symbol, urging us to not only ponder our own lives but also to consider our community and the people we share it with.

At the Pupin initiative, we’ve come together to kickstart a movement, shining light on something we’ve forgotten – the essence of philanthropy within our community. It’s about working for the greater good of our shared space, dedicating a portion of our time to the growth of our country and its people. Today, we gather to turn a new leaf in our connections and remind ourselves of the tremendous impact we can create together.

A heartfelt thank you to Ambassador Hill and Prime Minister Brnabic for acknowledging our initiative to revive the magnificence of this exceptional place, renewing and paying homage to those who’ve meant the most to us.

Here’s to the enduring spirit of the freedom-loving peoples of Serbia and America.

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