“As a Serbian-American, I feel a deep sense of pride and responsibility to promote the values that both of my countries hold dear: freedom, democracy, and the persuit of knowledge.”

— Mihajlo (Michael) Pupin


The Pupin Initiative is the hub for bolstering US-Serbia ties, doing so through collaborative and non-partisan efforts and policies.

Our initiative was established with the same values that renowned Serbian-American scientist and inventor Mihajlo (Michael) Pupin espoused over 100 years ago. We bring together young entrepreneurs, cross-field experts, and value creators from both the United States and Serbia, focus on creating impactful networks through a bottom-up approach, and provide an authentic understanding of local contexts.

We are privately funded to ensure commitment and efficiency, and to surpass any bureaucratic shortcomings.


Vuk Velebit

Executive Director

A leading new-generation political analyst, renowned for his expertise in foreign and security policy, media analysis, and political strategy.


Aleksandar Đaković

Operations Director

US transportation manager with a track record of developing efficient teams, work culture, and sustainable systems from the ground up.


Vladimir Milošević


Co-founder and partner at a notable San Francisco technology studio that designs, engineers, and invests in early-stage products.


Advisory Board

Tihomir Bajić


LTSE Software

Luka Čubrilo

Managing Director,

Čubrilo Holdings

Nataša Filipović

Managing Director,

Ovation BBDO

Marko Grujičić

Intl. Development,

World Bank

Mina Konaković Luković


Professor, MIT

Strahinja Matejić

Associate Director,

Eurasia Group

Ryan Ottman


Black Graf

Rastko Petaković

Senior Partner,

Karanović & Partners

Jovana Radosavljević

Executive Director,

New Social Initiative

Igor Stoimenov

Film producer,

director, and writer

Dragan Tomić

VP of Engineering,


Ivan Trifunovich

Pharma & Biotech Exec;

Co-founder, Dren Bio

Alex Wheldon

Co-founder & CPO,

Rho Business Bank

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