The reception at the Serbian Embassy in Washington, D.C., focused on strengthening Serbia-U.S. relations and promoting the Pupin Initiative. It was a crucial opportunity for engaging the Serbian community in the U.S. and fostering mutual understanding. Appreciation was extended to the embassy for its support and efforts in enhancing collaboration. The event highlighted the positive reception of Serbs in Washington and the aspiration for their increased influence in U.S. policy and relations.

The meeting with Bishop Irinej Dobrijević of the East American Diocese and Father Vasilij Vranić from Washington, D.C., was marked by gratitude and valuable exchanges. Bishop Irinej, drawing on his extensive experience in the U.S., provided insights into diplomatic relations and the status of the Serbian community in America. Father Vasilij's commitment to uniting the community around the Church of St. Luke in Washington, D.C., was also recognized. Both Bishop Irinej and Father Vasilij understand and support the Pupin Initiative's role in fostering stronger Serbia-U.S. relations and in improving Serbia's standing in the U.S.

In the meeting with U.S. Congresswoman Claudia Tenney from New York, discussions centered on enhancing Serbia-U.S. relations. The engagement in Washington, D.C., was characterized by a warm welcome, demonstrating openness to Serbian perspectives, which counters the notion of exclusion often perceived by Serbs. Congresswoman Tenney recognized the strategic importance of Serbia-U.S. cooperation for the broader Western Balkans region. Appreciation was conveyed to Congresswoman Tenney and her team for their support of the Pupin Initiative, emphasizing its role in strengthening bilateral relations.

During a busy day on Capitol Hill, there was a valuable meeting with House Representative Eric Swalwell of California, focusing on strengthening US-Serbia relations. An invitation was extended to him to visit Serbia, and in recognition of his interest in soccer, he was presented with a Serbian national team jersey. Appreciation was expressed to Rep. Swalwell and his team for their genuine commitment, time, and constructive conversation in this diplomatic effort.

The meeting with Gabriel Escobar, the U.S. Special Envoy for the Western Balkans at the State Department, involved a productive discussion on Serbian-American relations and exploring ways to further strengthen these ties. The Pupin initiative was presented as a means to enhance cooperation between Serbia and the United States. It was emphasized that a mutual alliance between both nations is beneficial. The initiative seeks to establish relationships with key stakeholders in Washington, D.C., and actively contribute to policy and strategy development to nurture these international relations.

The Pupin Initiative team met with US Ambassador Christopher Hill in Belgrade to discuss their role in strengthening Serbian-American relations. They have also met with Serbian Ambassador Marko Đurić in Washington, D.C., to align on the embassy's initiatives and gain support. The team's visit to the US includes engaging with stakeholders within the US administration, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and various individuals and organizations focused on the Balkans. This visit serves as a strategic effort to expand their network and foster a community dedicated to enhancing cooperation between Serbia and the US.

On October 9th, the birthday of Mihajlo Pupin, the Pupin Initiative was presented to the public in Belgrade. It is the first privately funded non-profit organization in Serbia, with offices in Belgrade and Washington, which will comprehensively address Serbian-American relations by creating policy proposals, solutions, and strategies. The reception was attended by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and the US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill. We gathered over 200 guests from the world of business, culture, media, and diplomacy with the desire to create a community of people who want better Serbian-American relations and a better position for Serbia in America.

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