Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia welcomes Pupin Fellows

Last week, Pupin Fellows had an opportunity to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, on that occasion, they were welcomed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Marko Đurić.

In his opening address, Minister Đurić pointed out the essential importance of the Pupin Initiative for improvement of Serbian-American relations, pointing out that the effort of the Pupin Initiative is very noticeable, both in public and in expert circles.

He also emphasized that in the coming period, there will be intensive work on reorganization of the Ministry, improving it through investments in human capital - which he sees as the key to the purposefulness of the Ministry’s work.

This was followed by a conversation with students, i.e. participants of the Pupin Fellowship program, when they discussed wide-ranging and important topics, from Serbian-American relations, key skills of a diplomat, up to the foreign policy of the Republic Serbia.

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